Plaza Physiotherapy


As a physician I am acutely aware of the benefits of referring patients to people with exceptional talent.  The outcomes and satisfactions for both the patient and the doctor prove to be only extremely beneficial, but also very gratifying.  I believe that the type of physiotherapy that Jan Boyd offers is not only unique, but it surpasses anything that is normally expected.  She is an outstanding practitioner and patient outcomes are extraordinary and unprecedented.  With a marvelous, accommodating manner and vast knowledge base, she is not only note-worthy but truly world class.  I hope that many others will have the privilege of experiencing and recognizing her significant expertise and novel approach in the years to come.
-- Dr. Martin Braun, MD (Vancouver)

I had been involved in serious motor vehicle accidents in my late teens, a serious fall down a flight of stairs and a skiing accident. But no one ever looked at my posture, leg lengths, and alignment until my visit to Dr. Schamberger. After the very first visit I immediately felt relief. After a few more session through his hands on works shops I learned how to check my alignment and use his self-correcting techniques. Dr. Schamberger's videos and workshops have taught me how to be pain free, active and fit again at 49 yrs of age.
-- Al Ellard

Thank you... for teaching me and my wife how to check for alignment and how to do corrective stretches...these alone have made a big difference in my life. I feel that I am emerging from a long dark tunnel of pain and misery...I am no longer on strong constant medication, I can manage the pain, my weight is 148 lbs versus 175 and my flexibility and outlook have improved tremendously. I do have setbacks...stretches as taught by you [got] my back aligned Saturday. ...optimistic that I will make a significant, if not completed improvement in the months to come.
-- Anonymous

I considered my life over until I was put into Jan Boyd's hands. After countless visits to other practitioners who did not help me, I was finally back to my old life and feeling wonderful. I only wish other medical people could help this way. Jan will always be my goddess.
-- Karen (Vancouver) 

Thank you so much for introducing me to your program for recognizing and correcting pelvic malalignment. For several years I have had occasional pain in my ankles, knees and doctors mumbled vaguely about arthritis. Since you first showed me that I had malalignment and taught me how to fix it I have never had any more of the pain. I particularly appreciate how simple these procedures are ...and that it requires no expensive equipment, can be done at home ...Although easier to do with a partner, I like the fact that I can do it all by myself as I live alone. Your workshop was very helpful...partnering with someone else, as we did, really helps one to remember what to do...thank you for making me so much more comfortable.
-- S. Ullmann 

I have had no quality of life for years. I could not enjoy my family. My career as a nurse was over. Thanks to the amazing work of Jan Boyd, I am once again functional and have recovered a wonderful quality of life.
-- Laura, RN  (Burnaby)

For over two years following my accident I struggled with pain in my low back, neck and right knee. During this time I sought care from GPs, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers. Now that I am informed and feeling better I look back and laugh at the diagnoses that I received. I heard everything from 'When it hurts take a pill', to 'You've got a weak core, work on your abs', and my favorite 'Your leg is short, you'll feel better with a 1/4 inch lift in your left shoe to compensate for it.' Idiots, I want my money back!""
-- Randall Mark (Vancouver)

My life was becoming more difficult due to increasing back pain as a result of an accident. These methods have allowed me to be proactive. I now look forward to checking my alignment daily because I feel so much better and am able to live life to the fullest. I would recommend the system to everyone and great for prevention.
-- Heather (West Vancouver)

felt compelled to take the time to let you know that I feel very fortunate to have been referred to you and to express my appreciation for unwinding my Malaligned body. Since I got hurt three years ago there were many dark days where I was certain that correcting the problem was hopeless. And now after eight months under your supervision I'm convinced that in the near future I will make a full recovery from my injuries. I can't believe it, I'm so happy!
-- Lucy (Burnaby)

Immediate response -- awesome -- we want them back soon -- everyone wants individual treatment first -- can hear the pennies drop -- Jan and Wolf are a great TAG TEAM.  It is very clear they have been doing this for a long time and they know each other's next move -- aware of own expertise but modest in many ways -- very evident their first priority is well being of the patient -- approachable, patient and extremely knowledgeable.
-- Vancouver Coastal Health Care & Fraser Health